“We can – we must – stop this.

Nineteen children and two teachers woke up this morning and got ready for school like any other day. Their parents will go to bed tonight
wondering how they will get up tomorrow in the midst of their grief.

I grieve with them. Losing a child to gun violence is personal for me.

Parents should not have to wonder if their children are safe when they get on the bus for school. Teachers should not have to worry if they are safe at work.

My heart is breaking for the community of Uvalde.

These victims and their families – just like the hundreds and hundreds before them – deserve our thoughts and prayers. They also deserve action.

This all starts at the ballot box. We must vote for Congresspeople that will pass common-sense gun laws, like banning assault weapons and ghost guns and restoring safety to our country.


– Ald. Pat Dowell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District.