Let’s continue building our community – together.

Our strength is grounded in our ability to work together.

Photo of Alderman Pat Dowell
Alderman Pat Dowell is a trusted leader with a proven record of delivering for her constituents. She’s a problem solver who is passionate about building every corner of the ward, especially those communities long forgotten.

That’s Pat: a qualified, experienced public servant who knows the work to revitalize Chicago’s Third Ward is far from over, and wants to keep working on the City’s toughest problems.


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Fostering Economic Development

I love helping businesses, especially minority and women-owned small businesses, reach their full potential.

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Strengthening and Protecting Voting Rights

I’ve opened more polling locations and worked with civil society groups to increase voter education.

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Securing Healthcare
for All

On City Council, I’ve led the fight for every person to have affordable, quality healthcare.

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Gun Violence

Everyone deserves to be safe in their home, neighborhood, and school – and everyone means everyone, no exceptions.

Ald. Dowell’s record speaks for itself – but we’ve got receipts too.


Ald. Dowell is known for responding to the needs of constituents, and that starts with listening. To you. What issues are most important to you? How can we make our neighborhoods better?
Phone: (773) 373-3303
Address: Citizens for Pat Dowell
5044 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60609

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