“Jonathan Jackson needs to reject the support of his Congressional campaign by Crypto Billionaire Samuel Bankman-Fried. We are all disappointed to read in today’s Chicago Sun-Times story by Lynn Sweet that Bankman-Fried is trying to buy the election with a $500,000 tv ad purchase supporting Jackson. Even before the votes have been counted, Jackson has already put up a “For Sale” sign,” said Ald. Pat Dowell, candidate for Congress in the 1st District.

“On the same weekend that Senator Bernie Sanders said on stage in Chicago that Billionaires ‘do not want people like Jonathan in Washington,’ Jackson has already sold his seat to a Billionaire.”

“The voters of the 1st Congressional District deserve a leader they can trust, not one that will be influenced by dark money interests. Additionally, Jackson has refused to file his personal financial disclosure forms – voters need to know who else is paying for him. What is he hiding? Our elections are not for sale. In America, voters choose elected officials, not Billionaires. My elected office has always been in service to the people. As my political hero, Shirley Chisholm said, I am Unbought and Unbossed!”

Alderman Dowell announced her candidacy for Congress in January of this year. She seeks to succeed Congressman Bobby Rush, who is retiring at the end of this term. If elected, Alderman Dowell would become the first female to represent the 1st Congressional District.