Pat Dowell, Alderman and Committeeman of Chicago’s Third Ward and candidate for Democratic Nomination for Congress in the First District of Illinois, this week announced additional endorsements from major political players supporting her campaign.

“Our campaign is growing every day. I am very humbled by the growing support for our campaign. There is a lot of work to be done on this campaign and in Congress. I am so grateful to have the help of so many folks,” said Pat Dowell.

Dowell announced new endorsements from:
State Representative and Committeeperson Kelly Cassidy
Alderman Harry Osterman
Alderman and Committeeperson Derrick Curtis
Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer
Former Alderman Dick Simpson

American Multi-Ethnic Coalition, Inc.

Earlier endorsements include:
Former Ambassador and Senator Carol Moseley Braun
State Senator and Committeeperson Mattie Hunter
State Representative and Committeeperson Bob Rita
State Representative Lamont Robinson
Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry
Alderman and Committeeperson Howard Brookins
Alderman and Committeeperson Sue Sadlowski Garza
Alderman Maria Hadden
Alderman Brian Hopkins
Alderman Michele Smith
Alderman and Committeeperson Tom Tunney
Alderman and Committeeperson Scott Waguespack