“Today is a day for celebration for every American – and especially every black woman. Judge Jackson’s passion for our democracy is forged both from the unique black female experience and her background as a public defender. Both perspectives are desperately needed on the Supreme Court.

As our Illinois Senator Richard Durbin said during her confirmation, to be the first, you have to be the best and in some ways the bravest. Judge Jackson’s presence gives inspiration to millions of people who see themselves in her – and makes what was once thought impossible, possible.

Ensuring diverse voices amongst the justices is more important than ever as the court considers a calendar of cases that strike at the heart of who we are – and who we want to be – as a nation.

And while today we rightfully cheer the cracking of this glass ceiling, this celebration is not without some sadness. The best of America could have been revealed with Judge Jackson’s nomination to the U.S Supreme Court. Instead, she was bullied, her numerous accomplishments minimized in the very space where problems should be solved.

It’s way overdue for a black woman to serve on our nation’s highest court. And it’s way overdue for the Court, Congress, and all places where decisions are made to reflect what America looks like, stands for, and should be,” said Ald. Pat Dowell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District.