Alderman and Committeeman Pat Dowell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 1st District of Illinois spoke out in support of International Women’s Day and raising the standards for women’s rights and safety in the US and the world. If elected, she will be the first woman congressman for the district.

Dowell’s statement said,

“Today is International Women’s Day. I want to acknowledge the women around the world who are also being denied their freedom today — from Ukraine to Honduras, from Haiti to Sudan. Today I am thinking of you and celebrating your strength and resilience.”

Women belong in every place decisions are made, period. As Congressman, I will work to move Illinois and the US to a better place for women to live and thrive. We are a global superpower, but we rank around 20 in most surveys about the best countries for women. We need to continue to push for fairness in healthcare, education, access to daycare, and equal pay. We need to create more opportunities for women in elective office, in boardrooms, and executive suites.

I will work in any way I can to support the long overdue passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in Congress.”