Today, Alderman and Committeeman Pat Dowell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the First District of Illinois is announcing members of the Finance Committee for her Congressional race. “I am honored that these community and business leaders have committed to help our campaign,” said Dowell. “I will work hard and live up to their expectations and to the expectations of the community.”

Three members of the Finance Committee spoke out about their support for Dowell. Zenobia Johnson Black, Fred Bonner and Laurel Appell Lipkin’s comments are below.

Zenobia Johnson Black said, “Along with my late husband, Timuel Black, I have known and supported Pat for many years. We have admired her commitment to public service, her ability to navigate diverse interests and be a fair and honest representative. She has been an outstanding Alderman and will be an outstanding member of Congress, bringing her political skills, her intellect and her strong work ethic to a very important job.  I’m delighted to be serving on her finance committee and look forward to helping her secure the resources she needs in this very competitive race.”

Laurel Appell Lipkin added, “I’ve known Pat Dowell for thirty years, worked for her and with her in different capacities and know her to be a person of principle and discipline. She possesses the important and necessary qualities to represent this historic 1st Congressional District.  She’s hardworking, energetic, collaborative, thorough, thoughtful and politically astute.  She’s proven herself time and time again in many different arenas. She’ll be focused and fair, an excellent addition to the Illinois Congressional Delegation. I’m looking forward to doing what I can to help her achieve victory on June 28th.”

“I first met Pat when she was Executive Director of the Mid South Planning & Development Commission in the 1990s. She was always an impressive leader and had great concerns about the community long before she was Alderman. I, in fact, encouraged her to run for Alderman knowing that she would bring leadership, important skills and commitment to community interests. She will be great in Congress because she is someone who is very connected to the communities she now serves and I know she will be equally connected to the district.  Pat has always been accessible and open to different points of view. I am delighted to be able to help her in this next phase of her political career,” said Fred Bonner.

The Co-chairs of the Finance Committee are: Markell Bridges, Sandy “Clear” Dyer, Laurel Appell Lipkin, and Trish Rooney. The members of the Finance Committee, which is still in formation, are below (in alphabetical order):

Jimmy Akintonde
Lucy Ascoli
Peter Ascoli
Former Alderman & Former Cook County Commissioner Charles Bernardini
Fred L. Bonner
Markell Bridges
Bette Cerf Hill
Judith Cothran
Eric T. Dantzler
Sheila R. Dantzler
Sandy “Clear” Dyer
Lennox Jackson
Zenobia Johnson-Black
Jan Kallish
Kindy Kruller
Laurel Appell Lipkin
Thomas D. McElroy, II
Jennifer Miller
David Mosena
Margie Muchin Goldblatt
Sarah Pang
Leslie S. Pollock
Lee Reid
Trish Rooney
Ernest R. Sawyer
Richard Sciortino
Former Alderman Dick Simpson
Julia Stasch
Hon. Bill Taylor (retired)
DeAndre Tillman
Jerome W. Wade
Christine Williams DeVries